How Selling Works

My name is Katelyn. I attend University and love the extra money to pay for college. My panties are worn for a day and then sold to you the day after, so that the quality is at its best. The more expensive the panties originally cost, the pricier they are on my store, for example: Victoria’s Secret usually sells between $25-30. A cheaper brand usually costs $15.  However, I am fairly negotiable, especially if you are a regular customer. Shipping is always free in the United States (other countries just goes up a few extra dollars). Each pair of panties comes with 5 pictures of me in them which are sent to your email. My email is, if interested contact me there with the heading of the panties that you are interested in (or you may just describe a pair and I will know what one you are talking about). Special requests are available this includes extra photos or specific photos (you tell me what to do in the photos instead of me doing my own poses). All of your information is confidentia. If you have any questions please contact me at my email.